What the Sup?

Understanding supplemental and alternative health insurance can be a daunting task. Let us break it down for you.

What Domestic Partnership Qualifications Mean for Your Insurance

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Domestic partnership qualifications vary by city and state, but having your relationship legally recognized comes with certain legal advantages.

How an FSA or HSA Can Make Paying for Health Care Easier

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Paying for health care can be a big expense — even if you have insurance. Get the facts about tools that can help you control your health care costs.

What Is a POS Plan?

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HMOs and PPOs are the bread and butter of open enrollment, but they’re not the only plans out there. Here’s what you should know about POS plan enrollment.

When Can You Change Health Insurance Plans Outside of Open Enrollment?

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Missed the deadline to enroll in health insurance? Don’t stress just yet. Changing health insurance plans outside of open enrollment is totally possible.

What Is a PPO?

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What is a PPO? It’s a good question — and just the one we’re here to answer.

6 Questions to Ask Before You Buy Hospital Indemnity Insurance

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What is hospital indemnity insurance? At its most basic, it fills the gaps in a normal health plan — but there’s more you should know before you enroll.

What Is an HMO?

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It’s hard to navigate health insurance without a firm understanding of HMOs. Luckily, you don’t have to. What is an HMO, exactly? It’s time to find out.

Hospital Indemnity Insurance in Action: How a Growing Young Family Saved $14,500 in Hospital Bills

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Hospital indemnity insurance can complement traditional health plans and take hefty medical bills out of the picture. Here’s how one couple made it work.

Critical Illness Insurance in Action: How Burpees Turned Into a $7,500 Near-Death Debacle

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Critical illness insurance can help even healthy people plan for the unexpected. Here’s how Sofia discovered that lesson — and how you can avoid her fate.

Health Insurance Lingo: HSA

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Paying for medical expenses is never fun, but a health savings account can make it a little easier. What is an HSA? Here’s what you need to know.