What the Sup?

Understanding supplemental and alternative health insurance can be a daunting task. Let us break it down for you.

What Is Short-Term Disability Insurance?

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Short-term disability insurance can supplement your income after an accident or illness — but what qualifies for short-term disability? Find out here.

6 Questions to Ask Before You Buy Critical Illness Insurance

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What is covered by critical illness insurance? How much is the lump sum payout? Get these questions and others answered to pick the right policy for you.

What to Do About Your Medical Debt

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Medical debt can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to damage your financial life. Follow these steps for paying off your medical debt.

5 Questions to Ask Before Buying Accident Insurance

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If you find yourself asking, “Do I need accident insurance?” then consider these five questions to shop with confidence and find exactly what you need.

Accident Insurance in Action: One Guy, Two Broken Bones and $6,500 in Health Bills

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Accident insurance can help you plan for the unexpected. Here’s how Matt ended up with $6,500 in medical debt — and how you can avoid it happening to you.

What Is an FSA?

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What is an FSA? Stop scrambling to pay for medical expenses — here’s how to prepare for your next medical bill with a pretax flexible spending account.

What Is Life Insurance?

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What is life insurance? Learn the basics of this important part of planning your future here.

Filling Insurance Gaps Can Save You From Unexpected Medical Costs

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Being underinsured can open you up to high medical costs. Learn how to use health insurance gap coverage to keep large, unexpected medical bills at bay.

Want to Pay Less Out of Pocket? Know Your Network

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You might be getting charged more for going outside of your network. Learn how to reduce your costs by navigating health insurance networks here.

Health Insurance Lingo: Out-of-Pocket Maximum

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A deductible and an out-of-pocket maximum might be similar in theory, but knowing the difference between them can save you from unexpected bills.