What the Sup?

Understanding supplemental and alternative health insurance can be a daunting task. Let us break it down for you.

What Is an FSA?

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What is an FSA? Stop scrambling to pay for medical expenses — here’s how to prepare for your next medical bill with a pretax flexible spending account.

What Is Life Insurance?

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What is life insurance? Learn the basics of this important part of planning your future here.

Filling Insurance Gaps Can Save You From Unexpected Medical Costs

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Being underinsured can open you up to high medical costs. Learn how to use health insurance gap coverage to keep large, unexpected medical bills at bay.

Want to Pay Less Out of Pocket? Know Your Network

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You might be getting charged more for going outside of your network. Learn how to reduce your costs by navigating health insurance networks here.

Health Insurance Lingo: Out-of-Pocket Maximum

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A deductible and an out-of-pocket maximum might be similar in theory, but knowing the difference between them can save you from unexpected bills.

What Does the Repeal of the ACA Individual Mandate Penalty Mean for Me?

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You may be familiar with the ACA individual mandate — but do you know what its repeal means for you and your future health care options? Find out here.

Health Insurance Lingo: Premiums

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Assessing a plan’s monthly health insurance premium is key to finding the right fit for you. Get the information you need to make a wise choice here.

Health Insurance Lingo: Telemedicine Benefits

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Telemedicine benefits make health care easier to access, saving time and money. But how do they actually work? Get all the details here.

Cut Through the Confusion by Learning the Basics of a Supplemental Insurance Plan

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How do you shop for a supplemental insurance plan? Follow these easy tips and become a smarter shopper in no time.

Health Insurance Lingo: What Is Coinsurance?

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What is coinsurance? It’s more than just another standard feature built into your health plan. Learn how it works and when it will come into play for you.