Ensuring Your Health

Your health is your most valuable asset. Don’t put off learning how you and your insurance plans can help protect it.

Can You Google Your Way to Good Health?

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Diagnosing symptoms online may be tempting, but it’s not always good for your health. Learn to find health info from reputable sites with these tips.

How to Get Health Care in Retirement Before You’re Eligible for Medicare

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Have big plans for your retirement? If you plan to retire before you’re eligible for Medicare, here’s how to prepare for your health care in retirement.

What Exactly Does Medicare Cover?

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Understanding Medicare coverage ensures you know what to expect before you enroll. Here’s how to use Medicare to protect your health — and your pocketbook.

How to Manage and Prevent Type 2 Diabetes Comorbidities

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Diabetes throws curveballs on its own. What do you do when that’s not the only thing you have to contend with? Here’s how to face diabetes comorbidities.

Vacation Preparation: How to Handle a Medical Emergency While Traveling

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A medical emergency while traveling can derail a fun vacation in an instant. Make sure you’re prepared for anything during your next big trip.

Clearing Up the Difference Between Brand-Name and Generic Medications

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If you’re doing a drug comparison of generic vs. brand-name medicines, you need to know how they stack up in terms of safety, effectiveness and quality.

How to Pay for Medical Bills You Can’t Afford

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If you’re worried about paying for medical bills, you’ve got options — however, keep in mind that some are better than others.

3 Times You May Be Out of Network — and How to Avoid This Costly Mistake

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Have you ever gotten a medical bill that looked way different than what you expected? It’s usually because of care that was unexpectedly out of network.

Heart Attack Recovery Costs (and How Supplemental Insurance Can Help)

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Heart attack recovery and treatment carries a big financial burden, but a supplemental plan like critical illness insurance can help.

5 Types of Accidental Injury Insurance That Could Help You Pay

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Accidental injury insurance can help you avoid taking on debt or dipping into savings if you need medical assistance.