Ensuring Your Health

Your health is your most valuable asset. Don’t put off learning how you and your insurance plans can help protect it.

What to Do If You Have to Go Out of Network for Care

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Staying in-network is the cheapest thing to do, but it’s not always possible. Here’s what to do when you need out-of-network coverage.

Stay Fit All Winter Long With These Tips

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Exercising in winter is vital to your overall health, but cold weather and shorter days can dampen your fitness routine. Try these tips to stay active.

Avoiding Injuries as You Age: How Adults Can Prevent 5 Common Accidents

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Avoiding injuries as you age may not be easy, but knowing the top injuries and taking precautions can help. Here’s what to watch out for.

Why Aren’t More Millennials Getting Preventive Care?

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If you have a less-than-perfect attendance rate for getting recommended preventive care services, these tips may help.

Work at a Restaurant? Protect Yourself From These 5 Health Risks

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When you’re on your feet all day carrying heavy trays or prepping food, staying healthy in the service industry can be tough. These tips can help.

Staying Healthy While Traveling Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

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Staying healthy while traveling can make or break a work trip. Here’s how to feel your best on the road, from the office to the airport.

5 Ways to Prepare for a Telemedicine Appointment

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Virtual doctor visits are convenient and effective — that is, when you prepare for them. Here’s how to make the most of your next telemedicine appointment.

Is A Gym Membership Worth It?

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Is a gym membership worth it? If your ridiculously early workout has you pondering the question, here’s what to consider.

Men’s Health Tips by Decade

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Staying healthy isn’t easy, and it only gets more complicated over time. Keep these men’s health tips in mind to protect your health as you age.

Can You Still Get Telemedicine If You Don’t Have Insurance?

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Even if you don’t have telehealth benefits, virtual health can still be a good option for you. Even better, it might not cost as much as you think.