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Syed Hussain

Syed Hussain

Syed Hussain is a blogger and freelancer specializing in personal finance, millennial issues and healthcare. He especially makes personal finance simple and easy to understand for college students and young professionals.

Health Insurance Lingo: Premiums

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Assessing a plan’s monthly health insurance premium is key to finding the right fit for you. Get the information you need to make a wise choice here.

Health Insurance Lingo: Telemedicine Benefits

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Telemedicine benefits make health care easier to access, saving time and money. But how do they actually work? Get all the details here.

A Look at the Top 3 Health Care Trends Millennials Are Making Happen Right Now

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Millennials are changing what health care looks like — and health care providers are listening. Here are the millennial health care trends to follow.

What Is a Deductible?

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What is a deductible? Understanding its place in the health insurance world is essential to getting the most out of your health plan.

Health Insurance Lingo: What Is a Copay?

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What is a copay? Find out how they work and how much you’ll pay for them.

A Buying Guide to Supplemental Insurance

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Do you need more coverage than what your health plan offers? Follow these steps to buy health insurance without the stress.