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Satta Sarmah Hightower

Satta Sarmah Hightower

Satta Sarmah Hightower primarily focuses on health care, technology, and personal finances.

3 Reasons to Look Into Supplemental Health Insurance for Family

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Medical bills add up quickly. If traditional health insurance for family doesn’t cover everything you need it to, a supplemental policy can fill the gaps.

What Is Insurance Underwriting?

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Insurance underwriting can affect how much you pay health care coverage. Here’s the inside scoop on what factors could affect your insurance costs.

Men’s Health Tips by Decade

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Staying healthy isn’t easy, and it only gets more complicated over time. Keep these men’s health tips in mind to protect your health as you age.

Family Planning Series, Part 1: Key Pregnancy Milestones

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Pregnancy is a journey. To help you navigate your way, here are the major pregnancy milestones that will bring you closer to delivering your baby.

How Supplemental Insurance Can Support Your Growing Family

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Having a child changes your financial priorities. Give yourself peace of mind and added financial protection with supplemental maternity insurance.

What Recent Addiction Statistics Highlight About Millennial Health

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Addiction statistics show substance and alcohol misuse are two of the top 10 conditions millennials face. The data might be able to explain why.

Women’s Health Tips by Decade, From Your 20s to 60s

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Women’s health tips are from one size fits all, and what you do to stay healthy will change over time. Change by how much, exactly? Here’s how to find out.

What Is an Insurance Claim?

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What is an insurance claim? Let us demystify the process so you can get health care reimbursements with confidence.

Do Millennials Need a Reminder of the Risks of Smoking?

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Learning the risks of smoking in school might not have made a huge impression. No scare tactics here — just the data behind why smoking isn’t worth it.

How to Manage and Prevent Type 2 Diabetes Comorbidities

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Diabetes throws curveballs on its own. What do you do when that’s not the only thing you have to contend with? Here’s how to face diabetes comorbidities.