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Jennifer Nelson

Jennifer Nelson

Jennifer Nelson is an award winning health, health IT, and personal finance writer.

I’m a Student. What Are My Health Insurance Options?

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Health insurance for students isn’t impossible to find — but it’s easier if someone tells you where to look. Here’s how to find insurance as a student.

What Is an FSA?

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What is an FSA? Stop scrambling to pay for medical expenses — here’s how to prepare for your next medical bill with a pretax flexible spending account.

What Does the Repeal of the ACA Individual Mandate Penalty Mean for Me?

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You may be familiar with the ACA individual mandate — but do you know what its repeal means for you and your future health care options? Find out here.

Eyesight Not as Good as It Used to Be? Here’s How to Get Vision Insurance

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Even if you’ve always had great vision, you still might be wearing glasses or contacts at some point in your life — so here’s how to get vision insurance.

I Missed Open Enrollment. What Are My Options?

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Missing open enrollment on the marketplace isn’t ideal, but you still have options. Let us take you through them.

What If Your Dream Job Doesn’t Come With Your Dream Benefits?

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After all those interviews, you’ve been offered a job with no benefits. Should you take it? Here’s how to make up for what the offer lacks.

Should You Add a Supplemental Plan to Your Health Insurance Options?

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During open enrollment, you explored your health insurance options. Not satisfied? Supplemental plans can be an inexpensive way of getting more coverage.

How to Get Health Insurance as a Seasonal Employee

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Because most employers don’t offer benefits to seasonal employees, getting health care for seasonal workers can be a challenge. Find coverage options here.

5 Mindfulness Exercises to Help You Live in the Moment

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Lying awake at night? Worrying over everything? Mindfulness exercises can help.