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Jennifer Nelson

Jennifer Nelson

Jennifer Nelson is an award winning health, health IT, and personal finance writer.

What Is an Explanation of Benefits?

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So you recently had an MRI, a cortisone shot or measles vaccination? Within two to six weeks, you’ll likely receive an explanation of benefits (EOB).

3 Types of Insurance You Might Not Know You Need

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Some things you can skip without worry. Insurance is a different story. Here are three different types of health insurance you might not want to miss.

What Is a POS Plan?

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HMOs and PPOs are the bread and butter of open enrollment, but they’re not the only plans out there. Here’s what you should know about POS plan enrollment.

How to Tell If Complementary and Alternative Medicine Is Right for You

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Complementary and alternative medicine gives you a way to take a holistic approach to your health. But will your insurance cover it? Time to find out.

Health Insurance Lingo: HSA

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Paying for medical expenses is never fun, but a health savings account can make it a little easier. What is an HSA? Here’s what you need to know.

How to Get a Handle on What Your Health Insurance Actually Covers

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So, you’ve nabbed what you think is pretty good health insurance coverage. Here’s how to make sure your shiny new plan will cover everything you need.

6 Providers You Didn’t Know Your Health Plan Might Cover

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Looking for a more holistic approach to health care? Here are six types of health care providers you didn’t know your plan might cover.

I’m a Student. What Are My Health Insurance Options?

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Health insurance for students isn’t impossible to find — but it’s easier if someone tells you where to look. Here’s how to find insurance as a student.

What Is an FSA?

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What is an FSA? Stop scrambling to pay for medical expenses — here’s how to prepare for your next medical bill with a pretax flexible spending account.

What Does the Repeal of the ACA Individual Mandate Penalty Mean for Me?

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You may be familiar with the ACA individual mandate — but do you know what its repeal means for you and your future health care options? Find out here.