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Bethany Ockerbloom

Bethany Ockerbloom

Bethany Ockerbloom specializes in health insurance policy, Affordable Care Act news and reform, employee benefits, and other healthcare-related topics such as lifestyle and wellness.

How to Prepare for Your First Appointment With a New Doctor

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Your first appointment with a new doctor might feel daunting, but it’s easy to prepare for it. Here’s what to do before you hit the waiting room.

What Is Life Insurance?

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What is life insurance? Learn the basics of this important part of planning your future here.

4 Tips for a Better Night’s Sleep

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The importance of sleep goes beyond the satisfaction of starting the day well-rested. Here are 4 tips for getting a better night’s rest.

Health Insurance Lingo: Out-of-Pocket Maximum

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A deductible and an out-of-pocket maximum might be similar in theory, but knowing the difference between them can save you from unexpected bills.

Where Can I Go for Health Insurance Advice?

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You don’t have to go it alone when picking a health plan. Learn where you can get the best open enrollment tips and other valuable information.

Health Insurance Lingo: What Is Coinsurance?

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What is coinsurance? It’s more than just another standard feature built into your health plan. Learn how it works and when it will come into play for you.

How to Strengthen Your Health Literacy Skills

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Health literacy and understanding health insurance play an important role in your health. Here are simple strategies for becoming health literate.

Does Hospitalization Have to Put Your Life on Hold?

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Visting the hospital doesn’t have to be stressful. Follow these tips, from checklist advice to hospital insurance plan guidance, to make your stay simple.

Everything You Need to Know About Out-of-Pocket Costs

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While out-of-pocket medical expenses may seem self-explanatory, getting a handle on them is an important part of budgeting for health care.

The Health Benefits of an Active Commute

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Walking or biking to work provides a daily opportunity to improve your health and save you money. Here are the benefits of an active commute.