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Bethany Ockerbloom

Bethany Ockerbloom

Bethany Ockerbloom specializes in health insurance policy, Affordable Care Act news and reform, employee benefits, and other healthcare-related topics such as lifestyle and wellness.

3 Tips for Staying Healthy as a Fitness Trainer

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Personal training, like all jobs, has risks. Here’s how to protect yourself on the job, from health insurance for personal trainers to mental wellness.

What Is a Health Care Proxy?

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Some medical situations leave you without a voice in conversations about your own health. Finding a health care proxy can make sure that doesn’t happen.

How Much Can You Save With an FSA?

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A flexible spending account can be a useful tool to save money on health care expenses. But how do you get the most out of your FSA savings?

3 Times You May Be Out of Network — and How to Avoid This Costly Mistake

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Have you ever gotten a medical bill that looked way different than what you expected? It’s usually because of care that was unexpectedly out of network.

What Is a Catastrophic Health Plan?

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A catastrophic health plan may sound scary, but the benefits are far from it. Here’s how to tell whether this plan is right for you.

3 Unexpected Ways to Start Saving for Long-Term Care in Retirement

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The majority of retirees need long-term care at some point, but affording it can be a challenge. Here are three tips for saving to prepare for the future.

What Can I Use My FSA For?

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If you’ve ever asked, “What can I use my FSA for?” then this article is for you. Here’s a guide to getting the most out of your flexible spending account.

When Can You Change Health Insurance Plans Outside of Open Enrollment?

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Missed the deadline to enroll in health insurance? Don’t stress just yet. Changing health insurance plans outside of open enrollment is totally possible.

What Is a PPO?

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What is a PPO? It’s a good question — and just the one we’re here to answer.

What Is an HMO?

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It’s hard to navigate health insurance without a firm understanding of HMOs. Luckily, you don’t have to. What is an HMO, exactly? It’s time to find out.