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Bana Jobe

Bana Jobe

Bana Jobe is an award-winning medical writer with over 10 years of experience

A Guide to Medical Emergencies: 3 Ways to Plan Ahead

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Planning ahead can help minimize the stress of medical emergency cases and — if you’re smart about it — save money, too. Here’s how.

Staying Healthy in the Gig Economy

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Self-employed — or hope to be? Here’s what you should know if you’re part of the gig economy and worried about finding insurance for freelancers.

6 Questions to Ask Before You Buy Hospital Indemnity Insurance

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What is hospital indemnity insurance? At its most basic, it fills the gaps in a normal health plan — but there’s more you should know before you enroll.

Hospital Indemnity Insurance in Action: How a Growing Young Family Saved $14,500 in Hospital Bills

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Hospital indemnity insurance can complement traditional health plans and take hefty medical bills out of the picture. Here’s how one couple made it work.

5 Health Screenings That Should Be on Every 30-Something’s Mind

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Health screenings aren’t just for the elderly. These five screenings and tests can give you a picture of what’s around the bend for your health.

Critical Illness Insurance in Action: How Burpees Turned Into a $7,500 Near-Death Debacle

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Critical illness insurance can help even healthy people plan for the unexpected. Here’s how Sofia discovered that lesson — and how you can avoid her fate.

3 Unexpected Health Changes That Happen When You Turn 30

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From getting the recommended medical tests by age to taking care of your financial and mental health, here’s what every soon-to-be 30-year-old should know.

6 Questions to Ask Before You Buy Critical Illness Insurance

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What is covered by critical illness insurance? How much is the lump sum payout? Get these questions and others answered to pick the right policy for you.

5 Questions to Ask Before Buying Accident Insurance

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If you find yourself asking, “Do I need accident insurance?” then consider these five questions to shop with confidence and find exactly what you need.

How to Talk About Mental Health With Your Insurance Company, Doctor and Boss

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As you navigate mental health with your doctor and at work, you might find yourself talking about mental health with strangers. Here’s how to start.